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Stellar  Green  Energy  Solutions
Let's generate our own power
• Transplant of Electricity Generation from large
   Power Plants to Domestic Home level.
• To meet & supplement the ruler energy needs.
• Promotion of new Renewable Energy 
• Domestic Lighting
• Street Lighting
• Village Electrification
• Water Pumping
• Railway Signals
• Powering to Remote Telecom Stations
• Petrol Pumps
• Hospitals
• No Pollution
• Less Carbon Emission
• Abundant Sun & Wind Availability
• Reduce our dependence on Conventional Energy
• Results cleaner, greener & healthier environment.
Electricity is the now become the basic requirement for living, every sector like agriculture, Manufacturing Industries, Commercial offices or shops, Domestic Homes are required input of Electricity. Without Electricity we cannot even imagine our life. As a result, consumption of Electricity has been gradually rising all over the country. To fulfill this increasing demand of electricity we are now highly dependent on conventional sources like Coal, Oil or Gas. But Rising prices & limited availability of all these sources lead to concern about the availability of Electricity in future. Also using all these sources for Electricity generation is causing environmental problem due to the pollution.
All above facts sufficient reasons to move towards the Renewable Energy Sources like Solar & Wind energy. Both of these are having the ample availability in India as India is having almost 300 sunny days in a year & also the average wind speed in most of the area is around 8-10 mtr /Sec. during windy seasons in India. Also these are the cleanest source of energy which lead us towards a green and healthy environment. However initial cost involve in installing these systems are looking somewhat high but considering its operation for almost 25 years without any considerable running cost, it is also the cheapest source of Electricity in long run.

Why Renewable Energy